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Welcome to the IEA Clean Coal Centre (CCC). We are the world's foremost provider of information on the clean and efficient use of coal worldwide, particularly clean coal technologies, in a balanced and objective way, without political or commercial bias. Our products include in-depth topical reports, literature reviews and online databases. We also provide advice, facilitate R&D networks and organise workshops and conferences. We are funded by member countries and industrial sponsors so our analysis stays impartial. 


Bookshop website Bookshop IEA CCC publishes unbiased, analytical reports in PDF form on all aspects of coal. Our reports can be be downloaded at our bookshop.

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Coal Online Website Coal OnlineCoal Online is a major database that provides comprehensive information on coal utilisation technologies.


IEA CCC Workshop 1st High efficiency low emissions workshop

The 1st IEA CCC Workshop on High efficiency low emissions coal-fired plant took place on 23-25 May 2016 in Tokyo Japan. 

IEA CCC Workshops

6th Cofiring biomass with coal workshopThe 6th IEA CCC Workshop on Cofiring biomass with coal takes place on 14-15 September 2016 in Sardinia, Italy. Register now.

Latest Conference

1st Coal quality workshop

The 1st IEA CCC Workshop on Coal Quality takes place on 9-10 November in New Delhi, India. Save the date.




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